The Kentucky Derby was rescheduled to September 5th!

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While we all are making it our business to keep ourselves and others around us safe, we are still looking forward to things getting back to our new normal when the time is right. 

The Kentucky Derby has never been canceled or rescheduled to another date in all of its 146 years until 2020. It is rescheduled currently to September 5th. What does this mean for those of us who look forward to this grand event every year? A couple of things and we listed them below.

1) We more than likely will not have to worry about RAIN! How many years have you attended and been worried about all of the preparation for derby only for it to rain! September is a perfect weather month!

2) You have more options with your outfit! Because we will be nearing the end of Summer, you can broaden the color scheme this year if you like. One can incorporate more fall tones and hues. It might also be appropriate to cover up a little more, opting for longer sleeves or a shawl. This is sure to make the difference when standing out.

3) Because of our current unfortunate situation, this may cause caution for some to accessories a little more this year. However, that doesn't mean that we cant get a little creative while we do it. For instance, try incorporating satin gloves long or short it will protect your hands and add little drama. Also, how can we forget masks, some like our first lady has already made a fashion statement with theirs. This may very well be our new normal during this time and a little added protection never hurt anyone!  

Continue to stay safe! And see you derby 2020!

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